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    How to use Richfaces plug n skin

      Hi there,
      Iam using richfaces 3.0 in my application which uses JSF sun RI 1.1. I was successfully able to implement richfaces component in my application, however I want to utilise therichfacse plug n skin feature , where I can change the css of the skin of my rich faces component . Is this feature available with richfaces 3.0 , if it is can some one please guide me to the right documentation so that I can implement this inmy project.

      Thanks in advance!!!

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          No, Plug'n'Skin feature is mostly based on the ability to define stylesheet in the skin file, as far as I remember, 3.0 doesn't support that. So I'd recommend to check if this works and if that won't work, use a4j:loadStyle to load XCSS stylesheet in all pages.