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    How can i make two instance of Jboss communicate in LAN the easiest way?

    MIklos Piklos Newbie


      I've got an application developed with jboss seam 2.0.2 sp1, and richfaces+jsf. I am doing a deployment on two jboss 4.2.3. My jboss instances will be behind an apache load balancer. I want those instances to have a basic communication with eachother, but i don't want all the EJB,HTtpSession replication (don't need the overhead, i just need simple messages like "kill this user session for me" etc.). What is the easiest way i can achieve that?

      I've looked into Jgroups, but i don't know how to integrate it in my application. Are Jgroups the way to go? Or HaPartition or what?


      Any information would be super helpful.


      Thanks in advance.