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    Control the default message the rich:calendar

    Luis Tumipamba Newbie




      I have a problem.. help me.


      I am using the <rich:calendar /> component the next form:


      <rich:calendar id="rc_fnacimiento"
                                      enableManualInput="true" datePattern="dd/MM/yyyy"
                                      required="true" requiredMessage="#{be_messages.valor_requerido}"
                                      onfocus="firstcolor('f_edit_candidato:rc_fnacimiento')" >
                                      <f:validator validatorId="formatoFecha" />
                                      <rich:ajaxValidator event="onchanged"
                                          oncomplete="secondcolor('f_edit_candidato:rc_fnacimiento')" />
                                  </rich:calendar><rich:message id="m_rc_fnacimiento" for="rc_fnacimiento" 
                                      styleClass="inputTextoMessage" >
      When your enter text (for example asdfg), The following message appears: f_edit_candidato:rc_fnacimiento: 'asdfg' could not be understood as a date. Example: 26/11/2010.

      I need to control the message for default and present a personalized message.


      I expect prompt response.