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    Message driven bean can't subscribe to multiple (wildcard) topics

    Dömötör Gyimesi Newbie

      Dear Community,


      in our project (which is based on JBoss 4.2.3GA) we just switched to HornetQ.

      As we have dynamic part in our topic names I create topics dynamically by looking up JMSServerControl through MBeanServer and call createTopic(String name, String jndiName).

      After successfull dynamic topic creation I can see each and every destination in JBoss' JNDIView and I also can deploy MDBs with fully qualified destination names, eg. DEV.TRACKING.TELEMETRY.

      But once I change the destination in the very same MDB (to *.TRACKING.*) I get NameNotFoundException as follows:


      destination not found: topic/*.TRACKING.* reason: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: *.TRACKING.* not bound


      In the documentation of HornetQ 2.0.0.GA one can find that HQ supports wildcard destination names, but after I experienced the above problem I think I can't do that with MDBs (as I did in ActiveMQ).


      So my goal is to create MDBs with subscription to multiple topics. Is there a way I can do that?


      Thank you.