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    OrderingList + virtualEarth = non-selectable list?

    PÃ¥l Oliver Kristiansen Newbie

      I have a wierd problem with combining the orderingList and the virtualEarth component on the same page. Doing a mouse over the VirtualEarth component will make it impossible to select items in the OrderingList.

      Anyone have an idea what this could be?


      Firefox 3.0.10
      RF 3.3.0.GA

      Code example:


      public class TestBacking {
       private List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();
       private Set<String> selectedListItems = new HashSet<String>();
       public List<String> getList() {
       list.add("First item");
       list.add("Second item");
       list.add("Third item");
       return list;
       public void setList(List<String> list) {
       this.list = list;
       public Set<String> getSelectedListItems() {
       return selectedListItems;
       public void setSelectedListItems(Set<String> selectedListItems) {
       this.selectedListItems = selectedListItems;

      <rich:orderingList value="#{testBacking.list}" var="item"
       listHeight="300" listWidth="350" selection="#
       <rich:column width="180">
       <f:facet name="header">
       <h:outputText value="Header label" />
       <h:outputText value="#{item}"></h:outputText>
      <rich:virtualEarth id="gm" style="width:500px" lat="37.971796"
       lng="-122.042334" dashboardSize="Normal" zoom="17"
       mapStyle="Birdseye" var="map" />

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Open page
      2. Let mouse hover over virtual earth component (no clicks)
      3. Select an item in the orderinglist

      Expected outcome:
      The orderinglist should indicate the selected item. (no converter written for this example)

      Actual outcome:
      Its not possible to select any items in the orderingList component.

      Debug output, a4j:log none, firebug: none.

      Some kind of event-handling-collision?

      Works fine in Google Chrome + IE.

      /PÃ¥l O.