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    Sending Calendar object in SOAPClient

    prakash sivakumar Newbie

      Hi All,



      I have created an ESB project where it gets the input from the consumer and converts that to the provider format, where that converted request is been sent to provider using SOAPClient methodology.


      The provider accepts a complex type as like below


      <wsdl:message name="request">

           <wsdl:part name="name" type=String/>

           <wsdl:part name="date" type="xsd:datetime"/>

           <wsdl:part name="id" type=String/>



      As i am using SOAPClient approach, HashMap is been populated as below

      HashMap requestMap = new HashMap();


      requestMap.put(request.date", Calendar.getInstance());



      The code is properly deployed in the server, when hitting it in SOAP UI tool the consumer request is being mapped properly to HashMap but when hitting the provider its saying Invalid Date. Beacuse they accept Calendar object, will the server send the calendar object or it will get the time value and send it to the provider?


      when i try hitting the provider by a normal plain java class, i am able to get the response. where that implementation class is been created using wsconsume for the provider wsdl.


      can any one help me on this?



      Prakash S