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    ResteasyIntegrationDeployer not working

    ramakrishna b Newbie



      I think this is not the right place to post about resteasy.but i couldn't found any space related to it.


      I have a web project with rest services.when i deploy that individually the ResteasyIntegrationDeployer working fine.I can able to see the follwoing line in console and rest services working fine.


      [org.jboss.resteasy.integration.deployers.ResteasyIntegrationDeployer] *** Adding JAX-RS resource classes:


      but when i add this web project to EAR(enterprise application) and deploying the EAR file  ResteasyIntegrationDeployer is not working.i cant see any thing like [org.jboss.resteasy.integration.deployers.ResteasyIntegrationDeployer] *** Adding JAX-RS resource classes and rest services are not registering with application.My rest services are not wotking.


      anybody have similar problem and have any solution?


      btw i am using jboss 6 CR1 and resteasy 2.0.1...


      Thanks & Regards