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    jboss.jgroups.diagnostics_addr and bindingservice

    Giancarlo Rosso Newbie

      Is there a way to change "jboss.jgroups.diagnostics_addr", without changing deploy/cluster/jgroups-channelfactory.sar/META-INF/jgroups-channelfactory-stacks.xml?
      I tryed to modify it in command line with -Djboss.jgroups.diagnostics_addr= but doesn't seem to work, JBoss still binds on default address
      As a side note, I managed to change partition udp group this way, using -Djboss.partition.udpGroup=


      I forgot to say I'm on 5.1.0. Probably it's something related to properties substitution, but don't know if it's bindingservice fault. I use ports-01.