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    JBoss WS behind firewall

    Igor JStarter Novice

      I have the Jboss 5.1, ESB 4.8 and RiftSaw 2.1.


      My server is now behind a firewall, the intern IP is x.x.3.15, my extern(public) IP is y.y.180.226.


      LOCAL IP (FIREWALL exposes it to public)

      If I run.sh _Djboss.bind.address=x.x.3.15, my server starts and IS WORKING. My firewall in configured to forward the y.y.180:226:9000 port to the x.x.3.15:9000 port, so I see my JBoss from public. The problem is I'm exposing Web services through BPEL. When I deploy the BPEL project, JBoss inserts some lines to the WSDL(can i control thjis lines? insert somewhere by hand?) by himself. Like this: <soap:address location="http://x.x.3.15:9000/xStringProject"/>.


      So Jboss inserts my local IP port, which can't be accessed from a public IP -> my BPEL Web Service doesn't work.


      How can I solve this problem ?


      1. make JBoss insert the public IP ??? Somewhere inserted by hand?   Because I can see the WSDL exposed, but when calling it goes searching the local ip

      Can somebody do that ?


      2. run JBoss with _Djboss.bind.address=y.y.180.226:9000 (public IP). Then RMI fails. I couldn't make it work on public IP !


      What's the right way setting up JBoss behind FIREWALL ?



      Thanks in advance!


      BR, Igor!