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    rich faces verison 3.3 with myfaces

    cnu vas Newbie

      Hi i am trying to use richfaces 3.3 with current project sturcture on myfaces 1.1.6 . If i use the version richfaces 3.1.6 version server startsup and things are fine but when i replace the richfaces 3.1.6 jars with 3.3 jars then i get the application start up error as below :


      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Error while defining class: org.richfaces.component.UIPanelMenuGroup
      This error indicates that the class: javax.faces.component.ActionSource2
      could not be located while defining the class: org.richfaces.component.UIPanelMenuGroup
      This is often caused by having the class at a higher point in the classloader hierarchy
      Dumping the current context classloader hierarchy:
          ==> indicates defining classloader
          *** indicates classloader where the missing class could have been found


      Can you help out what would be the missing thing from this upgrade.