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    portal-like frontend based ond rich:tabPanel

    Walter Leinert Newbie



      i'm quite new with RichFaces. I am developing an application based on

      • RichFaces 3.3.1.GA
      • Seam 2.2.0.GA
      • JBoss 5.1.0.GA


      I started with a seam sample project based on a maven seam-archetype.

      My application should have a portal like main view containing a tabPanel consisting of 4 tabs representing the main views on the system.


      In each view on each tab a list of items is displayed (e.g. topics) and after selection of one item the content of the tab has to be replaced by the item details. After changing the details or cancelling the item list should be displayed again.


      I'm not really sure how to implement this behaviour the right way. I experimented with a template containing a rich:tabPanel and using e.g.

      <ui:insert name="topicTab" /> for the content of the rich:tab. But i don't know how to do the nagivation to the tab-views and the toggling between the item-list on a tab and the item-details on the same tab.


      Any comments or samples could help me,

      regards Walter