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    ModalPanel in richfaces 4

    Chris Mathrusse Newbie

      Using richfaces 3 I was able to create a modalPanel that would display and block the user from any input during ajax operations using the following as an example:


         <a4j:commandButton value="Do something" 
            .show('',{top:'40px', left:'80px',height:'100px', width:'200px'})"
         onstop="#{rich:component('waitPanel')}.hide()" />
      <rich:modalPanel id="waitPanel" style="text-align:center">
         <h:outputText value="Please wait..."
            style="font-weight:bold;font-size:large" />
      Now, using richfaces 4, the modalPanel is no longer available. I'm assuming that the same results can be achieved using the rich:popupPanel but I can't locate an example. Does anyone have a sample of how to make this work?