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    JBoss AS and JMS compatibility

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      as far as I understand JMS it is a communications standard and should be compatible with other implementations or at least older implementations of the same provider. Unfortunately I failed trying to subscribe to threads on another version of JBoss then I included in my classpath. Several approaches led to "class cast" and "class not found" exceptions. Bypassing JNDI did not work either. In other words, I did not succeed in including jbossall-client v6 and connecting to JBoss v4.


      This rather old article points out that JMS is not a standard at transport level and thus is not necessarily compatible with different implementations. http://www.jguru.com/faq/view.jsp?EID=26394


      Here's more detail on the original problem. Maybe JMS is not the right technology?

      Our software is a composition of several run-time exchangeable components forming a network. These components can be local or even remote to form a larger network of components. Actually remote components communicate with each other via JMS. My problem is that after updating JBoss AS remote components were not able to communicate anymore. Of course it would be possible to run several JBoss versions on different ports but unfortunately company restrictions would not allow this.




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