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    [ANN & RFF] Grails Infinispan Plugin version 0.3.5 released!

    Thomas Fuller Newbie

      ----- Announcement -----


      The Grails Infinispan plugin  version 0.3.5 has been released.


      You can follow the official Grails  Infinispan  Plugin account on Twitter for announcements.


      More details can be found on the plugin homepage here.


      This drop includes the  implementation of synchronous and asynchronous "on" methods that are  added to the org.infinispan.Cache and to the  org.infinispan.manager.EmbeddedCacheManager.


      Developers that are interested in registering event listeners can now do so using closures -- for example:


      boolean synchronous = false
      cacheManager.onCacheStarted ({ /* Process asynchronous cache started events. */}, synchronous)

      Listeners can be removed from both the EmbeddedCacheManager and the Cache by invoking the removeListener method.


      ----- Roadmap -----


      Our near-term goals entail adding continuous query functionality,  extending the DSL for configuring caches and cache managers, registering  QueryHelpers with Spring on application startup, and adding new tags to  the tag library. We are also planning to isolate the  Infinispan-specific code in a jar file so as to help developers who may  want to utilize this functionality in Groovy, but outside of Grails.


      ----- Request for Feedback -----


      We would like to continue adding value to this plugin, so we're looking for any ideas regarding ways that we could go about achieving this. Feel free to post your ideas here and we can discuss them, if necessary.


      Thanks for your feedback,