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SuggestionBox with a4j:support in RichFaces4/JSF2

Romario Bebeto Newbie

Hi all,


I've in my application the below source:


<rich:suggestionbox for="inputId" suggestionAction="#{mBean.values}" var="a">


        <h:outputText value="#{a.code}" />



        <h:outputText value="#{a.name}" />


    <a4j:support event="onselect" action="#{mBean.setEntity(a)}" ajaxSingle="true" />



Then, I set the entity in the "action" property, without a converter.


Now, I need to update my application to fully JSF2. In RichFaces4, was introduced autocomplete, removed a4j:support, and a4j:ajax dont have the "action" property.


I dont wanna to do one converter for each entity. Is there a solution?