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    High memory requirements on startup

    Robert Lee Newbie

      We had a problem yesterday where we had to restart the HornetQ server after an OutOfMemory error.


      We shut down the server and compacted the journal, which left around 3GiB of data in the journal directory (we kept a copy of the journal, which is around 300MiB compressed).


      We get an OutOfMemoryError (java Heap Space) on HornetQ startup. The JVM is limited to 16GiB (-Xmx setting), but the only address are a JMS topic (max-size-bytes=4294967296), and the DLQ, Expiry Queue, and one JMS queue (max-size-bytes=1048576), giving a total max size across all addresses of 4.1GiB.


      I know that the journal can contain deletes that would not occupy space in RAM, but I would have expected those to be removed during journal compaction. Is the additionally required space to be expected, or could this be a bug?