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    Integration in WebSphere AS

    Brent Shikoski Newbie

      I've been working on using HornetQ in a WebSphere Application Server (7.0) application and have been running into some issues, particularly with recovery of XA transactions.  I was wondering if this is a scenario that should work and if any integration problems with WebSphere should be reported.

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          Andy Taylor Master

          what scenario are you talking about, its hard to help you without any information supplied.

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            Andy Taylor Master

            HornetQ is XA compliant if thats what you are asking

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              Clebert Suconic Master

              You have to usually confiured the TM to reconnect to the XA Resource. You should probably look at how to do that on the manual. Look for recovery configuration or something like that.

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                Brent Shikoski Newbie

                Sorry about the lack of detail in my first post, just trying to gauge whether this is an acceptable question for this forum.  I am using hornetq 2.1.2.


                I was wondering if org.hornetq.ra.HornetQResourceAdapter needs access to a TransactionManager?  In the locateTM() method it attempts to invoke a method to return a transaction manager, the class and method name comes from the HornetQRAProperties class.  There are hard-coded default values and a setter to change them, however I don't see any invocation of the setter to change the values based on properties from the resource adapter or activiation specification.  If the HornetQResourceAdapter doesn't need access to the WebSphere transaction manager, it doesn't matter.


                Here is my log output.

                [12/7/10 11:19:05:507 CST] 00000000 HornetQResour W   It wasn't possible to lookup for a Transaction Manager through the configured properties TransactionManagerLocatorClass and TransactionManagerLocatorMethod
                [12/7/10 11:19:05:508 CST] 00000000 HornetQResour W   HornetQ Resource Adapter won't be able to set and verify transaction timeouts in certain cases.
                [12/7/10 11:19:05:508 CST] 00000000 HornetQResour I   HornetQ resource adaptor started

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                  Vijay Krishna Doddala Newbie



                  Can you please help me how HornetQ can be integrated with WebSphere Application Server V7.0. I want to know about the configuration.