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    Message delivered maxSession times (only for MDBs)

    Dömötör Gyimesi Newbie



      I've a successful integration of HornetQ 2.0.0.GA into JBoss 4.2.3.GA.

      My problem follows: if I subscribe to a topic programatically (e.g. with createSubscriber) the message sent to the topic get delivered only once (as it should be), but with my MDBs I constantly receive every message multiple (15) times (which defaults to maxSession I assume). In this topic http://community.jboss.org/message/72691?tstart=0 the solution given was to set maxSession to 1 which does "solve" the problem, but doesn't let my application to scale well since virtually JMS will become as a bottleneck because of the low throughput.


      Is there any way to have MDBs work as they should, or am I missing something?