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    memory footprint in JBoss 5.1.0 GA

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      Hi all,


      I have read a few discussions and JIRA entries discussing the JBoss 4.x versus JBoss 5.1.0 foot print increase. Some suggest upgrading JDK, and possibility of a JDK / VFS bug.


      I have not found a clear answer to this issue anywhere so I was wondering if I can get some help / suggestions. Here are my observations:


      I deploy a 'vanilla' JBoss (5.1.0 GA) web configuration in Linux and see the heap size from JConsole. It is in the tune of 80+ MB. I do a 'top' on the JVM process and see the residual memory usage is in the 350-400 MB ballpark. Understandable some of this might be getting used by the JVM / and or outside JBoss.


      Note this is a 'as is' clean install JBoss without my application (to eliminate the possiblity of memory leak in my application). I try by evening stripping off more services from the Web configuration, but the footprint is still in the same ballpark.


      My questions were:

      1) Is this the expected memory footprint? Does 400-600 MB need to be alloted for each JBoss instance? (My xms, xmx are 128 and 1700) in a 32 bit JVM.

      2) Which service in JBoss might be using the memory difference?

      3) Is this related to VFS? is a solution in the works? Is a workaorund available? Will upgrading VFS from 2.1.2 help?


      Thanks in advance for all suggestions.