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    How to handle messages "just before" sending to DLQ ?

    KVMKrishna Reddy Newbie

      In my application we had multiple modules which are deployed in different JBoss servers (JBoss 5.1 and JBoss 4.2.2). All the key modules will talk asychronously (using JMS).


      For the fail over messages auditing, I need to track the messages "just before"(i.e "handleRedeliveredMessage()" returns TRUE) redelivering to DLQ and audit them. Is there any mechnisum like intercept the call just before redelivering to DLQ(i.e before "sendToDLQ(msg)") by using interceptors?

      Or shall use the same logic as "JBossJMS RA GenericDLQHandler" doing?


      Thanks and Regards

      Murali Reddy