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    integrate axis2/c service in jboss

    dimshust dimshust Newbie

      (sry for bad english)....

      My problem, i have a client (it can be only on c++)...I have service wsdl. I have generated a service c++ code,(using axis2 tool WSDL2C, using service wsdl).... Now I can integrate this service code into the apache web server, because the axis2 c++ has a plugin for this purpose.


      But i need integrate this sirvice code into JBoss web server. Whether it is possible?


      Theoretically, I can make service at a window, and the client on a chair.
      Then to integrate window service into a chair and to incorporate to it a window chair

      Theoretically, I can generate service at a java, and the client as c++. Then to integrate java service into a JBoss and to connect to it a c++ client. But it would be much better, if service was on с++