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    WCF client and J2EE Web Service: problem in deserialization

    Kenshiro Re di Okuto Newbie

      I had some problem to use a C# client using WCF to call a WS exposed from JBossWS on JBoss 5.0.1 GA. I think my experience could be useful to JBoss forum too.

      This is the thread on MSDN. I posted on it beacuse I think the problem is related to wrong WCF deserialization.


      The title of the original on Forum post was connected to my first impression and so doesn't reflect the true problem that is instead an incorrect deserialization of the SOAP message.

      "When the SOAP response arrives to the WCF client it tries to deserialize the XML TAG called "return" using the first occurrence of a webmethod that has MessageParameterAttribute(Name="return"). And in my test this is:

      getArrayOfA(SenWord2007.WSProducer.getArrayOfARequest request)

      So evidently the deserialization layer makes a mistake using the first methods instead of the second one for some missing decoration attribute that forces the types."

      I think it could be useful a guide to WCF and JBossWS interoperability guide.