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    Sending message to a remote Queue

    Hugo Cura Newbie



      We're in the process of migrating to hornetq in our jboss as 5.1.0 installation with some local queues already deployed and running smoothly. Now we need to setup a simple scenario where there are two servers:


      #1 Has a queue called RequestQueue and a MDB to read from it.

      #2 Simple session bean that writes on the remote queue.


      I've been battling for a while to get this scenario working. Already tried messing with connectors, acceptors and jca without success. Haven't tried jms bridge but it seems like an overkill to me (in this scenario).


      Basicly i've been though the manual plus the examples and still can't find the right solution for this. I know this has to be simple but just can't find a way to do it - probably due all the things tried.


      Best regards.