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    rich:scrollableDataTable does not supports pagination?

    Rocky S Master

      If you read this documentation http://docs.jboss.org/richfaces/latest_3_3_X/en/devguide/html/rich_scrollableDataTable.html, it clearly says-


      Dynamically fetching the rows from the server when the table is scrolled up and down


      This statement is incorrect, I have tried to implement the scrollable data table, I loaded approximately 30 rows in single fetch from 5000 rows.

      But it seems like it loads 5000 rows in memory then fetches 30 out of them. This is not true pagination. I am really disappointed with this components

      performance, it just hangs the whole browser. In reality, it is not really dynamically fetching the rows. When it says dynamic fetching, it should fetch 30 rows from database at a time.


      If someone has already implemented this component in their code, is happy and supports pagination please let me know. Please share your ideas.