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    ExtendedDataTable in RF4 - Selection Review

    Lukáš Fryč Master

      Hi guys,


      I reviewed selection model in RF4's EDT.


      It lacks some features which seems important for me:


      1. Ctrl+Shift mouse selection (range addition) - you cannot use Shift for selection one range and then Ctrl+Shift to add another range
      2. Ctrl key selection (item addition) - you can use keys+Shift to select range and then "focus" another row and with Ctrl add it to selection (for example by pressing space)
      3. Active item binding - you have highlighted the active row with bold font by default, but you can't to bind this selection to your server model - it might be useful when displaying info about active item (is pretty usable using mouse, because last selected item is always highlighted, but is unusable using keys, because active row haven't to equal selected item)
      4. Using Shift to de-select range of items
      5. Using Home, End, Page Up/Down - when considering keyboard interaction usability, we should support this keys, but currently, these keys scroll with viewport but not with active item (that's important to have marked active item in viewport to use space to select it)


      For implementing (3), it will be also useful to have special event @onactivechange.