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    Session Replication with JSF framework in Weblogic

    Anand Paul Newbie



      We have developed a web application with JSF, Spring and Hibernate frameworks implemented. The application is working fine after deploying into the Weblogic clustered environment.

      While performing the fail-over (i.e, bringing down the manage server 1 and MS 2 is up), it did not work out. It shows the Session time out page.

      I know that we have to make the Managed beans as serializable. In addition to this, the JSF components should also be serializable. I refered the dataTableRenderer class. None of its parent classes is serialized.

      FYI, I am using 3.3.1.GA version of richfaces.


      1. Can any one confirm that all the JSF components are serializable?
      2. Any session replication issue occured with JSF framework for any one?
      3. Any configuration on UI Component tree state saving method? Should this be Server or Client?