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    Custom BuddyLocator

    Jan Kowalski Newbie

      Dear community


      I've been trying to create and use my own buddy locator implementation, thus I perfmored following steps:


      1. Created FooLocator class implementing BuddyLocator interface and implemented all methods. I annotated this as Threadsafe(net.jcip.annotations)

      2. Created FooLocatorConfig implementing BuddyLocatorConfig interface and as above implemented all methods

      3. Packed everything in FooLibrary.jar and included it to my project

      4. Modified cache-configuration.xml to use my FooLocator


      <locator class="org.foo.FooLocator">








      Redeployed all together and then .. while trying to instantiate JBossCache



      CacheFactory factory = new DefaultCacheFactory();



      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.foo.FooLocator is raised. I've attached snap of the server.log file including stacktrace. I'm using glassfish v2.1.1 with java ee5


      I've lost my hope now for solving this issue so If You could give me some hints/solutions please do !


      Please note: I'm able to instantiate this class from other testing jar's located withing my project.





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