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    SAML2 Attributes to XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery?

    orbit websig Newbie

      I now have a working XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery example, sent embedded within a SOAP envelope, and based on the SOAPSAMLXACMLServlet.


      What I need now is to accept a SAML2 assertion full of SAML Attributes (the XACML query is not being passed to me, just the SAML Attributes), parse them in Java, and turn them into an XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery based on XACML attributes.


      This appears to be an adopted concept according to the SAML 2.0 Profile of XACML specification (chapters 2 and 3), but I'm having trouble finding any API documentation to support this.


      Is there an API for this, and can you point me to it and the supporting documentation???


      Many 'Thanks' in advance!!!