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    Sending custom objects with HornetQ Core

    Dimitrij Smelanskij Newbie



      I have to send a complex object via Hornet queue.

      following examples my code looks like:


      Message receiver:


      messageConsumer.setMessageHandler(new MessageHandler() {


      public void onMessage(ClientMessage message) {


      System.out.println("Message size: " + message.getBodyBuffer().capacity());
      byte[] bMessage = new byte[message.getBodySize()];

      message.getBodyBuffer().getBytes(0, bMessage);

      MyMessageType myMessage = (MyMessageType) toObject(bMessage);




      Message sender:


      ClientMessage cMessage = session.createMessage(false);
      MyMessageType myMessage = getMyMessage();

      System.out.println("Message size: " + cMessage.getBodyBuffer().capacity());


      The size of BodyBuffer for sending is different from received BodyBuffer.

      1500 send, 849 received.

      Do I something wrong?

      Is there another way to send custom objects using HornetQ Core?