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    Registry Development

    Tom Cunningham Master

      I've got a branch going for registry development, mainly incorporating JGroups for registering services and passing exchanges :




      The branch includes a small demo that shows registration of services, unregistration, and very very basic exchange passing.    Note - a prerequisite to this is that multicast works, so make sure that if you have a software firewall running on your machine, turn it off/alter your permissions so that multicast works :


      Instructions :

      Open a terminal window

      cd core/registry



      Open a second terminal window

      cd core/registry



      In window 1, register a service



      [(r)egister/(u)nregister/(e)xchange <service>- r foo



      In window 2, register a service, create an exchange, unregister the service



      [(r)egister/(u)nregister/(e)xchange <service>- r bar
      [(r)egister/(u)nregister/(e)xchange <service>- e foo
      [(r)egister/(u)nregister/(e)xchange <service>- u bar
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          Tom Fennelly Master

          Hey Tom.... can you outline the plans for how the registry will be used in SwitchYard.  What is it responsible for?  How will it be used etc?

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            Tom Cunningham Master

            I'm just working on the runtime registry, so it's just an implementation of org.switchyard.spi.ServiceRegistry.


            I'm interested in :


            - the visibility of remote services in the local registry (i.e. a call to registry.getServices() or registry.getServices(QName serviceName) will return both local and remote services)

            - the ability to create an exchange for a remote service

            - the ability for the exchanges to send messages that are passed to the remote service


            There's  a number of different ways that could be implemented - I'm using  JGroups, but it could be done different  for SwitchYard.