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    How to change target adress of ajax request of RichFaces components (RichFaces and TAM integration)

    matysek Newbie

      Hi all,

           I have a serious problem with RichFaces and A4j components used in my application. Application is accessed via TAM (Tivoli Access Manager). Problem is that TAM change all URL which it has found in generated html code and append string after server name. Example:


           Application URL outside TAM: http://someserver/AppName/index.xhtml

           Application URL inside TAM:   https://someserver/was70ssl/AppName/index.xhtml


      Components are loaded properly for first time when is application accessed over TAM. After first ajax request (like rendering some part of page). I have problems with loading images and 404 errors after click on a4j buttons (Example: rich:calendar lost his calendar icon. Images for opening subrows in SimpleDataTable are not loaded after rereder). Image target is set to wrong server address (because of TAM change of url). I have seen that in Firebug (a lot of 404).

      I am sure that components using ajax generate wrong address to server on client side. I know that this is unusual problem. I am not a RichFaces expert so I would be please if you can give me a hint how to solve this problem.


      Have I rewrite component renderer? Is there some other way?