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    Alternative to ObjectMessage

    Osian Hughes Newbie



      I am looking for an alternative to an ObjectMessage .


      The situation I have, is that a message is produced, containing a complex data structure (which at the moment is a set of POJO's), and then I have a series of processes which analyze the data, and possibly change it, before creating a message and passing onto the next process (or set of).

      Obviously, it is easy to do this with POJOs, but I'm wondering what other peoples experiences are, because I am sure that I am going to run into performance issues with serialization all the time.


      I have considered XML, but is there not a performance issue with this as well, having to parse the XML each time it needs to be dealt with?


      Any help or pointers are very much appreciated.



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          Clebert Suconic Master

          You should be able to do your own parsing to any object through externalization. 



          For a messaging system, a message is just made of random bytes. Any message system I have worked with the ObjectMessage will be just a parser into the payload for the message.



          You could of course use the same with XML. But for the messaging system your message is just a payload of bytes, hence you can do anything you want.