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    Memory leak from calling SLSB from MDB

    moremarc Newbie

      I have an MDB fired by a quartz bean. The MDB makes a call to a SLSB via the Local interface. For the sake of demonstration, I can use a stripped-down SLSB that has just a single method that returns a fixed string. Every time the MDB is fired, a new instance of the SLSB is generated. The frequency of the messages don't matter - every 2 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 minutes, etc. I've tried injecting the SLSB with an @EJB injection, and making a JNDI call to get a reference, but it doesn't change the behavior. Eventually this consumes the whole Heap and crashes the AS.


      The same SLSB can be called from other entry points, like a SOAP handler, and the container will reuse and clean up instances as expected. Also everything about the actual MDB call works as expected.


      I'm running 4.2.2GA. Any ideas?