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    ESB Installation Problem

    rg8458s Newbie



      first i'm new with the jboss esb and i'm not sure if i be here at the right place, i'm also sorry if this thread already exists for this problem, but i didn't found it here.


      so my problem is the following:


      i will install the jboss esb and for that i must deploy the esb to the application server, but i get an error message and i have no idea what i must do now, because i d'ont find anything to solve the problem.


      i know that something missing but i don't know whats missing, so can anyone help me ?

      i'm sorry if this is a stupid mistake, but i'm new in esbs....


      my system:

      windows 7

      java version 6.20

      ant 1.8.1

      JBOSS_HOME,ANT_HOME and Java_home are set

      jboss as = 5.0.1 GA

      jboss esb = 4.9


      thanks for answearing