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    Improvements in JBossWS-CXF?

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      We are writing on an article about the JBoss AS6 and have the following question to you: What are the main improvements in JBoss WS-CXF compared to JBoss WS-Native? We can't find anything about the new features apart from something like "improved performances and better support for WS-*".


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          Alessio Soldano Master

          Regarding "better support for WS-*", you can compare what's in jbossws-native and what's in Apache CXF to get an idea; basically all the WS-* features that are in Apache CXF should be also be usable with JBossWS-CXF. The jbossws-cxf testsuite verifies, for instance, the WS-Security Policy and WS-Trust (client side) support.

          Apache CXF (2.3.x) is also JSR 224 (JAXWS 2.2) compliant, hence JBossWS-CXF (3.4.x) comes with a feature complete JAXWS 2.2 implementation. While this is pretty much the same as of today with the native stack, we're working on the whole JavaEE 6 certifcation efforts with CXF based stack only (target is AS 6 final release).

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