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    PickList reference problem

    Rasmus Hagemann Newbie

      Hello There!

      I'm having some troubles with the RichFaces PickList. I managed to set it in a JSP page, and it seems to work. the problem is when i choose to move an item from one column to the other I can't. when i debug I see that the item i pass is passed as some string-representation of the actual object.

      This is my code:


      <rich:pickList value="#{ContentBean.myContents}"><%--UserBean.hobbyNames--%>
                  <f:selectItems value="#{ContentBean.allContents}"




      public class ContentBean {
          List<SelectItem> allContents = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
          List<content> myContents = new ArrayList<content>();
           public ContentBean(){
              content c1 = (new content("name1", "info1"));
              content c2 = (new content("name2", "info2"));
              content c3 = (new content("name3", "info3"));
              content c4 = (new content("name4", "info4"));

              allContents.add(new SelectItem(c1, c1.getName()));
              allContents.add(new SelectItem(c2, c2.getName()));
              allContents.add(new SelectItem(c3, c3.getName()));
              allContents.add(new SelectItem(c4, c4.getName()));

          public List<content> getMyContents() {
              return myContents;

          public void setMyContents(List<content> newContents) { NewContents holds: "Content.content@16127" "Content.content@917287"
            this.myContents = newContents;
            String name = myContents.get(1).getInfo();  <--this throws an error because newContents doesnt hold object but references
          public List<SelectItem> getAllContents() {
              return allContents;
          public void setAllContents(List<SelectItem> allContents) {
              this.allContents = allContents;


      I get errors like this:

      12-12-2010 15:13:03 org.ajax4jsf.context.AjaxContextImpl convertId
      WARNING: Target component for id result not found
      12-12-2010 15:13:03 com.sun.faces.lifecycle.RenderResponsePhase execute
      INFO: WARNING: FacesMessage(s) have been enqueued, but may not have been displayed.
      sourceId=j_id_jsp_1315124744_1:j_id_jsp_1315124744_3[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(/welcomeJSF.jsp(25,8) '#{ContentBean.myContents}' Error writing 'myContents' on type Content.ContentBean), detail=(/welcomeJSF.jsp(25,8) '#{ContentBean.myContents}' Error writing 'myContents' on type Content.ContentBean)]


      Can anyone help me?