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    Changes to pages saved in jboss

    elcool Newbie



      I noticed that when I turn off the JBoss server and start it back up again, the \server\default\tmp\ folder gets completely deleted and then filled up with the contents of \server\default\deploy\.


      So, when I edited a .jsp on the fly I would go to \tmp\ and find the folder for my application (i.e. \363aad28320.myapp.ear\ )

      There, inside, I can browse thru the files and change them.


      I saved these files on an outside folder (i.e. C:\myworkspace\) in case I stopped the server and then started it up again, so they wouldn't get overwritten.




      But today, I forgot to save the changes, and restared the server, and when I go to my browser, I see my changes!

      I'm very grateful they are still there, but I wanna know how.




      So, the question: where is jboss saving these changes I make to the .jsps on the \tmp\ folder that it knows I made a change and on the restart it shows me the newest page?



      I'm using JBoss 4.2.3.GA