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    First click doesn't register (no matter where)

    Christoph Sauer Newbie

      Hi there,
      for some days now, I have a strange problem with the addressbook portlet I'm working on (JSF 1.2, Richfaces 3.3.0, Liferay):
      The first click, no matter what component is clicked, does nothing.
      Just an example: I have a datatable that holds addresses with a datascroller and editable rows.
      Upon double-click on a row, a modalpanel is opened, showing the data of the current row. If I double-click on a row, the modalpanel shows up, but the selectedAddress property of my backing is never set (I've set a breakpoint my debugger, but it is not reached). If I close the modalpanel and try again, the setter function gets called and it works. The same goes for the datascroller, first click: nothing, second click: fine.
      But it isn't a component specific problem, for example, when I click on the datascroller first and double click on a row afterwards, the selectedAddress property is set and the data is displayed. When I double click on a row first and use the datascroller afterwards, the datascroller works.
      I have no idea where to start looking for the source of the problem =/

      here is some a4j:log output from the first and the second click on page number two for the datascroller:
      in order to not to mess up my own thread with the rather large log output I uploaded two logfiles here:
      First click on page nr.2 of datascroller

      Second click on page nr.2 of datascroller

      compared to the second, the first response ends almost in the middle.. does anyone know what this means or where my problem could come from? Just a few days ago, before I switched to an extendedDataModel in order to get the data from a webservice, everything worked fine, but somehow I have my doubts that the datamodel change is directly connected to my problem.

      thanks in advance for your help
      best regards