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    Milestone 1 Thoughts

    Keith Babo Master

      Would like to get some feedback on what we can/should deliver in a M1 release.  My main objective with M1 is to get a basic use case working end-to-end and that's it.  My hope is that we can then use that to elaborate on some of the spicier stuff in M2.


      M1 Goals


      • Exercise basic service bus functionality by providing and consuming a service
      • Implement service using Bean component
      • Expose service as web service using SOAP gateway
      • Initial packaging and configuration
      • Provide basic service development support (Maven archetype, unit test, etc.)


      M1 Scenario


      1. Create service "A" using the Bean component
      2. Unit test service "A"
      3. Add an invocation of service "B" from service "A"
      4. Create service "B" using the Bean component
      5. Test service "A" including dependency on "B"
      6. Bind service "A" to SOAP for external consumption
      7. Deploy packaged application


      There are some other things we've been working on which we can prototype for M1, but I don't really think are goals for the milestone:

      • Distributed bus
      • Payload transformation
      • Runtime integration (AS, OSGi, etc.)


      I will post a follow-up in this thread with details on each step in the scenario along with JIRAs for the work necessary to complete them.