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    IOException: Could not transmit message

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      Being new to the forum, not sure whether i am posting my question in the right place. If not, please do guide me accordingly.


      I am having trouble accessing a service that is deployed locally.


      The service was created using wsconsume (so I guess its JAX-WS). It was deployed and tested as a stand alone successfully.


      When inegrated with spring, I get the above exception.


      Attached spring-servlet.xml has a snippet of the context file.


      A snippet of the wsdl is as shown below


      <service name="PayoffQuoteInterfaceImplService">
           <port binding="tns:PayoffQuoteInterfaceBinding" name="PayoffQuoteInterfacePort">
                <soap:address location=""/>


      The exception stack trace can be retrieved from the attached exception.txt file


      Though I do have made an entry in the pom.xml for XMLServiceException class, I see a no class def found execption.




      Initially, I also tried by creating the client stubs using wsimport. But with stubs generated or not, I ended up with the same exception.


      Is this cos of some marshalling failure?


      Also attaching the service interface class generated using wsimport.


      The JBossAS version is 4.2.3.GA

      The JBossWS (native) version is jbossws-native-3.1.1.GA


      Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.