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    How to acknowledge ESB-aware message?

    Michal G. Newbie

      Hi All,


      I would like to ask you how to acknowledge ESB-aware message.

      It was easy with JMS messages (message.acknowledge() - was all I neede before).

      Now I refactor application to use benefits of JBoss ESB and define new Queue,

      which messages will be consumed by one of the service.

      I defined acknowledge-mode="CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE" for the queue,

      so I can be sure that the message is received and processed properly by the service.

      But a message which is received by queue is already transformed into esb-aware message

      I don't know how my service can acknowledge it. It results into situation, where

      my service is receiving the same message every time I restart a server.


      I hope this is clear.


      Please advice.


      Thank you a lot.