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    Context root is sometimes null on Weblogic 11g server

    Luke Bishop Newbie

      I am experiencing an intermittent problem with a JBoss Seam/Richfaces application deployed to a corporate Weblogic server(s).

      The application deploys correctly and functions normally initially, but usually when accessing the site the next day, javascript and stylesheets are not downloaded. Viewing the source shows that the context root is null. For example:




      (See attachment for complete html rendering).


      I assume the problem is related to a weblogic bug where ServletContext.getRealPath() sometimes returns null when deployed in an EAR or unexploded WAR.


      What solutions can you suggest?  I have considered modifying the Richfaces source to pass the context name via a properties file, but I am hoping for a better, simpler solution.


      Technologies used:

      Seam 2.2.1.CR1

      Richfaces 3.3.3.Final

      Weblogic 11g application server