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    Can I control the Protocol generated by sendRedirect?

    Nick Newman Newbie



      I have a JBoss 6 server behind a "content switch" that acts as a front end and a termination point for HTTPS.  So the flow is:


      • Client's browser makes an HTTPS request to the front end. Let's call this machine FrontEnd
      • Front end makes an HTTP request to JBoss.  Let's call this machine AppServer


      This seems to work fine until the application requests a redirect to a relative address.  In that case JBoss converts the relative URL to an absolute URL of the form




      and this breaks things because I need the URL to be




      Actually I was surprised that JBoss even put "FrontEnd" in there.  How did it know not to use "AppServer"?  So I investigated (using JBoss' RequestDumperValve) and found that the content switch (FrontEnd) adds some headers, including the following ones that seem especially relevant:


      • scheme=http
      • serverName=FrontEnd


      So with that information I can see why JBoss is doing what it does.  My question (finally!) is, can I somehow persuade JBoss to use HTTPS in the redirect under these conditions?


      (I'm hoping for some simple configuration setting rather than writing a valve or modifying the content switch).


      Many thanks,