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    embedded in vm

    blalls asdsd Novice


      I would like to try horneq in embedded mode. For reasons I want all the communication to happen in VM level for time being. That is to say I don't want to open a JNDI or any other kind of ports.

      Now I looked at the embedded example in Hornetq, which works nicely, and I wanted to change it so that it would use invm connectors and so forth, but I noticed that JMSQueueConfiguration and ConnectionFactoryConfigurationImpl needs a jndi address. I could not figure out how can I create a connection and the queue/topic without looking them up in the JNDI.


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          jombo wang Newbie

          i think u can type codes like this:



          ClientSessionFactory sf = HornetQClient
                          .createClientSessionFactory(new TransportConfiguration(
          ClientSession coreSession = sf.createSession(true,true,0);
          ClientConsumer consumer = coreSession.createConsumer("jms.queue.myQueue");



          i hope these will help u