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    rich:editor inside rich:modalPanel -- should this work????

    Mike Hanafey Newbie

      I have a rich:editor nested inside of a h:form nested inside a rich:modalPanel.

      When the modal panel is displayed the main edit area of the editor does not appear to be present. It will not take focus, and typing in the "editor" actually sends keystrokes to the browser. The "value" for the component does not display.

      For testing, I put an h:textArea as a sibling to the editor, and it does take focus and it does display the value.

      If I take the editor outside of the modal panel then it display the value correctly, and it does take input focus.

      So it seems that the editor does not get properly setup when it is nested insided of the modal panel.

      Is this a known issue, and is there any way to get around the problem?

      Any help appreciated!