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    Testing parallel operations

    Chris Gioran Newbie

      Hi people,


      I am using Arquillian to test a JCA connector module I am building for Neo4j. The idea is that the connector is deployed at the server along with EJBs that have the connection factory from my module and a JDBC DataSource injected and all of them participating in 2PC. Obviously, the EJBs themselves are not under test - their interface consists of simple operations over the connections. The Arquillian tests are a way to call these methods and verify that the results are the ones expected.

      As a reference, I am using Glassfish 3.0.1 in a remote setting, with TestNG, (JUnit also works).

      Although I have no problem making the calls from a single thread (with everything working fine), what I actually need is to have multiple threads running the same cases against the EJBs so that I can verify that connection pooling, tx isolation etc all work properly. So, my question is, how can I have Arquillian launch parallel test cases that will run towards a remote instance of an app server?


      thank you for your time,