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    So run this by me

    Andrew Oliver Master

      If I have:


      mywebapp.war ->FlashApp



      FlashApp calls down the already authenticated HTTPS stream provided by the browser to mywebapp.war to JBossWS services in myapp.ear.  Flash does not have WS-Trust support itself though.


      I seems like I want a pattern a bit different than the picketlink-trust jar provides.  It seems like I basically want an endpoint that does the exact same thing as the the org.picketlink.identity.federation.bindings.tomcat.sp.SPPostFormAuthenticator does or that I just really want tomcat style SSO..?

      It does not bother me if a new assertion is created from the myapp.ear....  It would be preferable to me to get the roles the same way or am I missing something critical here?