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    Unable to start JBM cluster

    Mayank Mittal Novice

      I've 2 node setup and both nodes are running JBM ( within JBoss) in cluster.

      Both nodes are provided with unique serverPeerID.

      Now the problem is that if I restart any of the server then JBM of restating node throws an exception ""Cannot start post office since there is already a post office in the cluster with the same node id (xx). Are you sure you have given each node a unique node id during installation?"


      Is I'm missing any configuration change or is it a known problem with JBM.


      Setup info:



      Nodes: 2

      JbossAS 4.2.3 GA

      JBM : 1.4.2 SP1

      DB: postgres

      OS : Debian Linux

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          Mayank Mittal Novice

          I tried to debug from where this message is popping up and in the course of this I tried to run the Jboss Messaing in debug mode.

            There I found that there is a method nodeLeft(List adderss) in messagingPostOffice and is called whenever any node left the cluster.

             The above specified method is calling performFailover() method for the nodeID of the left node. This method is trying to filter out all nodes binding of those needs to be removed from both memory and persistence.

             Here the problem occurs. When it tries to checks for the isRecoverable() property of queue instance to be removed; it returns false and thus not added to the removing list. Thus causing the whole problem.

             Could anyone helps me how to get isRecoverable() value as true.


             Any help will be very appreciable