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    can not able to delete ProcessInstance

    prasad basutkar Newbie

      Hi All


      Requirement : Can not able to delete ProcessInstance.


      Description :  I am using jbpm 3.2.6 and i am facing problem in deleting the ProcessInstance which Contains Sub-Process in it.


                          scenario : I have process("ProcessA") which contains sub-process as process("ProcessB") and sub-process("ProcessB") is the next Node in ParentProcess("ProcessA") after "start" node.i started the process("ProcessA") and completes the "start" task and then i creates the sub-process's("ProcessB") start task by using api

      TaskMgmtInstance taskMgmtInstance = processInstance.getTaskMgmtInstance(); //where processInstance is the instance of ("ProcessB")

      TaskInstance startTaskInstance = taskMgmtInstance.createStartTaskInstance();//manually creates start task because sub-process always skips starting task , means there is no TaskInstance entry in the database for this task.

      and then to move to next task in the process i used api

      startTaskInstance.end(); // i intenssionally not used processInstance.signal() to move to next task because i want EndDate for the starting task.

      after doining all this when i try to delete processInstance of parent process("ProcessA") then i am getting exception.



      Thanks And Regards

      Prasad Basutkar