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    Jboss remoting adding new subsystem to UnifiedInvokerConnector

    rodolfo risicato Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I would like to add a new handler to the existing UnifiedInvokerConnector configurated in the jboss-remoting-bean.xml file (JBOSS AS 6 and jboss remoting 2.5.3).


      I would add a new entry in the "invocationHandlers" Map like this:


      <property name="invocationHandlers">
               <map keyClass="java.lang.String" valueClass="java.lang.String">
                  <!-- The JSR88 deployment service StreamingTarget handler -->
                  <entry><key>JSR88</key> <value>org.jboss.deployment.remoting.DeployHandler</value></entry>

                 <!-- My personal handler -->
                 <entry><key>MY_SOCKET_HANDLER</key> <value>somepackage.MyOwnSocketServerHandler</value></entry>       



      My questions are:


      1) It 's a good practice?

      2) Is better to duplicate the jboss-remoting-bean.xm file to my-jboss-remoting-bean.xm, registering a new Invoker, a new InvokerConnector and a new InvokerConfiguration?


      Thanks in advance for any response.